digital distractions that are killing your productivity

Last week, I sent out a request for feedback about your businesses for a new series. What you love, what you hate, what you want to improve and what you struggle with most. Organization and time management were are the top of the list.

You got into this business because you wanted freedom from the 9 to 5 drag. The money looked good and you thought hey I can be my own boss, make a few friends and get to see a bunch of cool houses.

What your real estate instructor, mentor, broker and probably the person who inspired you to get a license forgot to tell you is that there’s a lot more to the real estate business than opening doors, filling in some blanks and collecting a check.

You have to get out and find the people, then make the people like you and then turn them into raving fans. And somewhere in all that peopling, you have to run your business, eat, spend time with your friends and family and maybe, if you’re lucky, sleep.

All that takes time.

I know you’ve heard the real estate gurus say you have to have a calendar, you need to time block, and my personal favorite - if it isn’t scheduled it doesn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, you DO NEED a calendar and a schedule because this is a business - not a hobby. But let’s get real you’re a  solopreneur, trying to get it all done on your own. You have to take the phone call to smooth over ruffled feathers and keep the deal together or that dream buyer calls and is FINALLY ready to write a contract or maybe your kid gets sick and you have to drop what you're doing to take them to the doctor. The point is - life happens and most of the time it’s NOT neatly entered on your calendar.

The only way you’re going to get everything done is to learn to prioritize your life and your business, cut out as many distractions as possible and DO. THE. WORK.

Let’s start with your phone. Do you get notifications for everything from social media to email to when the wind changes direction? I have an iPhone and there’s a nifty little feature call Do Not Disturb. In 1 tap it turns off ALL notifications and sounds. In fact, I have DND on right now so I can focus on you without having to worry if the phone will ring and interrupt my train of thought. I can feel the panic start to rise up in you - oh my goodness what if you miss that million dollar phone call. I swear to you the world will not end if you take 30 minutes to an hour and focus on knocking out a few items on your TO DO list.

Speaking of to-do lists. I love to do lists. I don’t love making them, I love crossing things off of them. In fact, My email is a virtual to-do list. I have Gmail and use an app called ActiveInbox - there’s a video on my website all about how I use it in my business. One of the cool things about ActiveInbox is the ability to turn off notifications so you can focus on what’s in your inbox and not all the new stuff coming in. You get to assign due dates and reminders, create lists and projects folders and then everything is super easy to find. Then you turn notifications back on and voile everything is clicking along again.

So today, what I want you to do is… take a pen and sheet of paper or if you’re techy like me open the “Notes” app on your phone and make a list of all the things you want to do in your business. Stuff like clean up your database, set up a sales funnel, create a really cool listing presentation or freebie to get people to sign up for your newsletter, you know all the things you’ve been putting off because you don’t have enough time. Then I want you to hop over to my Facebook Group - Everyday Toolbox and tell me about it.

Sherri Green

Real Tech Girl, LLC, 193 Southeast Norfolk Boulevard, Stuart, FL, 34997