3 Ways to Improve Your SEO Now

Every day I speak to agents like you who want to do more with social media and who want to increase SEO. You want more of an online presence in order to connect with potential customers and clients. You’ve got a website and you’ve set up 17 social media accounts. Now what?

Making sure you have a consistent web presence is key. If you are not active on certain profiles, go check them out and make sure they are up to date. The fastest way to lose a potential customer is for them to find the wrong information about you on the web. So here are three things you can do right now to improve your online presence AND THEY'RE FREE!

#1 Google My Business

Google My Business Screenshot.JPG

This is a Google Business listing. You can get one of these for FREE by visiting Google for Business. If your business has been around a while, you will be able to claim it and complete any details. If not, follow the onscreen prompts and voila, you’ll have a Google Business listing. 

Google will want to verify your business to make sure you are who and where you say you are. You’ll be prompted to have a verification postcard mailed to you. Be on the lookout for it. You’ll only have 30 days to verify your business and if you miss the postcard, you’ll have to request a new one.

Once you have completed your business listing, you’ll be prompted to set up a Google+ page for your business. This is the first step in Local Search Optimization

#2 Your Website

I know you’ve heard words like Meta Title and Meta Description thrown around. Well, here’s why those things are important. When a potential customer Google’s (or any search engine) your website, the Meta Title and Description are what they will see.

Let’s analyze these examples.

Google Search Results.JPG

Listing #1 - My Website
Meta Title - Real Tech Girl
Meta Description - I work with fantastic real estate agents, like you…

Listing #2 - My Facebook Biz Page
Notice that the title of my business page is the meta title for Google and the meta description is my most recent review on Facebook. Google also shows my star rating and tells you the kind of business it is by way of the Facebook URL. 

You want people to immediately recognize what they are seeing when you show up in a Google Search. The meta title will show up as a hotlink to your website. Line #2 will be the URL to your website and then you’ll have your meta description. 

When you are planning what to say in your metadata, think carefully. Any changes will take time to populate, so you want it correct the first time you submit. Always ask yourself, “Why do they care?” when writing your descriptions. Click here to get a FREE report on the health of your website.

Here are some great examples for real estate professionals:

I work with affluent homeowners in the [GEO AREA] who need a dedicated and savvy real estate agent to effectively market their home for a quick sale. 

I help first-time homebuyers in the [GEO AREA] who want someone with experience and compassion to help them through their first home buying experience. 

#3 Social Media

I’m going to use Facebook as my example because so many people use it.

First, what is the difference between a Facebook Profile and Facebook Page?

A Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook. Everyone has a Profile and per Facebook Terms of Service, this must be in your name. This is where you can add friends and family, share photos, videos, and updates about your personal life. 

A Facebook Page is used for an organization or company, celebrity or public figure. Your Page is where you would promote your services and products (aka homes) that you have for sale. You use your Page to create advertisements and people can “Like” your page, they don’t need an invitation. 

Now that housekeeping is out of the way, let’s talk about content. 

If you are in business and using Facebook, you need to make sure your Personal Profile is ready for a potential customer. 

#1 Use the name you use to market yourself. You want your Branding to be cohesive. 

#2 If you have a business page, make sure your Personal profile links to it instead of the larger company or brokerage you work for.  This small change is VERY important if you are looking for leads to come from your social media accounts.

Facebook About Section.JPG

#3 Make sure you have an intro about who you help and the results you give. This is a shortened version of your Power Statement or Value Proposition. 

FAcebook Intro.JPG

#4 90% of Facebook users browse from a mobile device. Check your profile and see how things look on mobile vs desktop. 

#5 Customize your Facebook URL so you can easily share it with people. 

Similar guidelines apply for your Facebook Business Page. 

The short version is this…

  • Make sure you complete your profiles wherever they happen to be online. 
  • Be consistent with the information that goes out online. The search engines look at this. 

You do those 2 things and you are well on you way to being the most optimized real estate pro on the block. 


Sherri Green

Real Tech Girl, LLC, 193 Southeast Norfolk Boulevard, Stuart, FL, 34997