You want to build your real estate empire...



There’s just the small problem of finding customers, getting them to work with you and turning them into raving fans.

  • You need a solid foundation.
  • You need a rock solid follow up plan.
  • You need to become a Follow Up God. 

Does this sound familiar?

You meet someone. You tell them you help people buy, sell and invest in real estate.

“We’ll keep you in mind,” they say.

Maybe if you’re lucky (or bold enough) you get their email and phone number so you can actually follow up instead of praying they take your card and call you.

A few months later as you’re scrolling through Facebook, you notice that person you met bought or listed their home with another agent.

This isn’t the first time you've lost a potential sale. What happened?

Maybe you’re spending HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars a month on internet leads from one of those real estate sites.

The experts and top-producing agents say THEY are making a killing with online leads. 

But you've discovered that the leads are total crap and you feel like you are making monthly money sacrifices to the porcelain gods.

You’re beginning to wonder if all this is even worth it.

You’ve done all the things the experts have told you to do and your business is not taking off the way they said it would, you’re not closing enough business to call this a career, in fact, going back to a 9 to 5 is starting to look really good.

Hi! I’m Sherri! I’m an unconventional real estate coach who works with action-taking agents who want to avoid burnout. They want to become FOLLOW UP GODS.

  • Agents just like you
  • Agents who know there is a better way
  • Agents who have a burning desire to build an empire

I understand your money is as precious as your time. I also realize you've likely invested in other programs and may wonder if you really can Master the Follow Up Universe. 

Let me assure you, creating your follow up plan and sticking to it will change your business forever; increasing results and revenue while strengthening your relationships and creating raving fans happy to refer everyone they know to you.


What if you could...

~Be a better communicator
~Master client follow up
~Generate more business than ever before


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become a follow up god

The majority of sales are closed in the follow up. 

Getting your real estate license and knowing a lot of people isn't enough for you to be successful. You have to follow up with all the people. 

The biggest mistake most agents make is sending an email or two and then forgetting that potential client ever existed. 

Be confident that when a lead says, "I'll keep you in mind," they won't have a choice in the matter because you will be a Follow Up God!  

master your follow up universe

You'll give me the goods. What you're doing (or not doing) to follow up, what you like and don't like about following up and then...

We'll create the exact strategies you need to make sure you are turning the maximum number of "I'll Keep You in Mind" into "Hell Yes - That's my agent!"

+Personalized Follow Up Guide summarizing the EXACT steps you need to become a Follow Up God.

+Check-in Call to make sure you are on track and making visible progress towards your goals. 

invest $197 in yourself, here's how:

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Book your Become a Follow Up God Coaching Call and invest in yourself.

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Tell me about your current follow up plan, including your hopes and dreams.

Step 3.png

You'll show up for our call and we'll start planning your strategy for success. 

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Real Tech Girl helped me get my business started, and I couldn't be more excited! She took the time to cover everything with me and answered any questions I had immediately! Great Service. Great Value. If you need a boost or don't know where to start Real Tech Girl is the solution for you!
-Shannon Sharpe, Realtor with LKN Dream Homes, Inc

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Sherri helped me set the tone for the launch of my new business. With her help, I wrote a stellar announcement from which I received congratulations on my new endeavor and promises of new business. It reinforced that I was on the right track.  
She has an ability to think outside the box and offers a fresh perspective. It's easy to stick with what has always worked in the past and it's so refreshing to be surprised by something you wouldn’t normally think of because you're so used to doing things one way.
She listens and takes a genuine interest in how you want your business to look and feel. I would recommend her 100 times over.
Michele Chardt, Arrow Title Services, Stuart, FL