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You want to build a real estate empire

You’re a busy agent working your butt off and checking things off your daily “to do” list. You’ve got big dreams that include joining the real estate elite. You’ve got the vision and the will to make it happen.



You are drowning in paperwork and constantly chasing your tail.

You’re frustrated with systems that don’t fit together and just wish your business could be simpler. You feel like you need more hours in the day or you need to hire help. That would solve all your problems, RIGHT?

You can’t make the day longer and while you’re making a good living, it’s not enough to commit to a salaried employee. Even if you could hire someone to do it for you, you wouldn’t know what to tell them to do.

Imagine being so organized that you double your business, work less AND get it done on your own.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your bank account is like a desert oasis - sometimes it’s lush and green, but most of the time it’s an illusion
  • You feel car sick from all the ups and downs in business. Sometimes there’s so much business you can’t keep up and then nothing. Crickets.
  • You’re doing all the things that experts have said to do, but you’re still not successfully closing enough deals to call this a career
  • You never have the time (or the money) for a vacation. You need a chance to recharge, but what if you miss that million dollar call?
  • You’ve created a schedule, but you can’t seem to stick to it. You’re always running around like a crazy headless chicken.

But what if your business could be different?


  • You are consistently keeping in touch with your clients and are the follow up boss
  • Transactions are a breeze and everyone knows what’s happening and what comes next
  • You are closing more contracts and the referrals are rolling in because your clients think you are the most “on it” agent they have ever met

What if you could finally get real help with real results?

I know what you might be thinking… Here comes another Magic Pill and BS pitch that will oversell and I’ll walk away with nothing I can actually use in my business right now.

If that’s what you think, then I need to re-introduce myself. Hi! I’m Sherri and this, my friend, is a BS Free Zone. I don’t have any Magic Pills. You and only you are responsible for your success, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure it all out on your own. I want to see you shine!

You need one on one support, accountability and a sounding board. Someone who is going help you through the bumps and be there when you have a question so you can continue moving forward.

You want someone to take you by the hand (and occasionally kick you in the behind) and show you step by step how to create a consistent business that is uniquely yours.


I know you got into this business because you wanted to help people achieve their dreams. 

And you also got into business to:

  • have the freedom to live on your own terms
  • provide for your family
  • make a difference in your community

And you want to do it without working 8 days a week. 

Here's how your DIY Setup Session will go down:

  • You'll need to complete the DIY Prep Guide prior to our call
  • We'll get together via a Zoom Video Call
  • We'll get you setup with the tools you need to DIY Your Transactions 
  • I'll walk you step-by-step through how to use your new tools
  • We'll setup at least 1 file to get you going

go from frustration to freedom in a flash

Investment $197

Schedule and pay for your 90-minute DIY Setup Session using the "Book My Session" button below

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You'll receive your confirmation and prep information

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Do the prep and show up for the call

Sherri is awesome! She knows real estate and she knows the systems you need. She works with you to find what will fit you best based on how you like to work. -Katey Bourgeois, Broker/Owner